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   Symposium Hotel and Transportation / Hotel Quinta Real

  Our symposium hotel, Quinta Real de Guatemala, is located just outside the hectic and noisy environment of the big city in a peaceful lush garden. Here you can enjoy the wonderful springtime weather and get your first view of our spectacular volcanoes. You’ll find all of the amenities and conveniences you expect from a luxury hotel at a very reasonable price. All rooms include a courtesy cellular phone with your own private number, so you can be reached at any time.

Deluxe Suites have a separate sitting area, separate marble shower and bathtub (with jacuzzi), VIP butler service, its own safe and the best views.

We selected this hotel so we can be lodged in one place, enjoy each others’ company, share and learn about our experiences, and at the same time unwind in a safe, comfortable vacation setting. And it makes it easier to give you personalized attention! We will have a hospitality desk during your stay.

Web site Quinta Real de Guatemala - http://www.quintareal.com.gt