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   Universidad Francisco Marroquín / Ludwig von Mises Library


The library at UFM has 100,000 visitors annually and is the most extensive collection of works on liberty in Latin America.

There is a collection of the private libraries of prominent intellectuals and collectors:

  • Jose Cecilio del Valle, founding father of Central American independence
  • Carlos Elmenhorst, collector of Central American books and maps
  • William Hutt, South African author and economist.
  • Gordon Tullock, co-founder of the school of Public Choice
  • Sir Alan Walters, economic advisor to Margaret Thatcher.
At the beginning of the New Millenium the Library started offering access to digital resources. It is subscribed to other services in this area including EBSCOHost databases, Oxford Scholarship Online, xRefer Plus and UpToDate, MDConsult and others.
  • The library was chosen amongst all the libraries around the World within the 10 libraries to receive the Elsevier donation of 670 titles.
  • The library site received a Golden Award in Guatemala for the best site online.